I am in the process of getting W enrolled in his new insurance plan. I will not have insurance until I find a plan I can afford as an individual. I am going to be ok about that. There are amazing walk-in clinics and if I need the care of a physician I will go there. W needs wellness visits and I absolutely want to have a relationship with a pediatrician’s office established for him. We are very much entering into the running full speed until something stops us (like a wall) phase. Hopefully I can get him sorted out in time to get him on schedule for his 2 year wellness check. Cross your fingers on that one!

As for me, well last year I was thankfully diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and suddenly EVERYTHING made sense. The depression, the inability to loose weight, the overwhelming fatigue, the joint pain, the hair loss and change in hair texture…it was all connected. Being on thyroid medication has done a lot to make me feel better. I can not express that properly. Seriously. I am taking your hands and looking you in the eyes and saying, “I feel better.” That is HUGE. That is medication at work and I am so so so thankful that I was able to have health coverage while I was in Maryland so that the diagnosis could happen.

But this medication and the ones I take for my migraines and depression are not cheap. And I’m a generic gal all the way (my body wouldn’t know what to DO with a name brand pill). I was seriously doing the math and starting to figure out which pills I could let go. I started cutting my migraine pills in half, then I started taking my antidepressants once a day, then I cut them in half. Then I started cutting my thyroid pills in half. And oh man…not cool.

And I KNOW it is wrong for my body and my health to do this, but when you are looking at something that costs over $350/month without insurance you flail around a bit. I am still recovering from messing up my thyroid meds up. (the fatigue is just an awesome side dish to depression)

I began to look online for prescription drug plans. Maybe I could pay a membership somewhere and get my meds for only $150 a month? Turns out I was half right. I did pay a membership to somewhere, but I ended up getting THREE months of meds for $90! And special bonus – I can now buy tons of bulk toilet paper and tampons for cheap!

Oh yes. Costco. COSTCO! They even have an additional saving plan for people like me that don’t have insurance so the meds are even less. (but even without that plan they are still so fairly priced) It really makes my gut turn to realize how many drugstores and grocery stores mark up medications. And I get it, people need to make a profit. But chances are if a customer is having to buy something without insurance they are not really the people that can afford a markup.

I’m actually not even going to get into how frustrated I am about the world for the uninsured – because I found a solution that works for me. And it is a great one. And an easy one. And maybe knowing this (or being reminded of it) is something you or a friend of yours needs to hear.

I was a total dumbass for thinking I could play doctor and take medication at doses far less than what was prescribed me. Totally dumb. If you are doing that or thinking about it take it from my after school special here- DON’T.And now I feel proud that I found a place that I can afford. Just knowing that I don’t have to worry about my meds made things easier.

{And just so you know I am not working for Costco and they did not pay me to say that they are awesome. I am saying it because I believe it to be true.}

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