Tomorrow the wallpaper comes down, the cracks in the walls get spackled, and fresh paint goes up.

Since you guys suffered through the green, how about working with me on the neutral? I’m being daring – these are all in the beige/cream family. I KNOW!! Craziness. And the names! I really think I might want a job as a paint color namer. These colors kind of all look the same to me, and yet they don’t. I just know that they are NOT white but they are allowed colors because they are neutral. (but seriously- if one of these colors screams NOT neutral please, please, please speak up!!)

I think my issue now is to find a color that looks fresh and not dingy. I know there are darker colors within the (oh geez how many effing times am I going to say this word?) neutral color family but I’m shy to go bold. At all. So I’m not.

Take a glance at the colors and then vote in the poll. I’m hitting the home depot first thing in the morning so don’t let me down!

[poll id=”9″]

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