Wow. You guys really know how to rally around a gal when the room makeover makes a turn for the worse! Thank you for getting how bummed out I was. I was a bit sloppy with my writing yesterday and one of the points was fuzzy. I can paint the walls. I just can not paint them anything that isn’t considered neutral in the off-white, light tan genre.

I also would very much like to be someone that could just say, “well fuck it!!” and paint the walls anyway – but I can’t and I won’t. For two reasons. 1) Because I have asked and been told specifically that I can’t 2) other than this little paint issue the owner of this house has been INCREDIBLY kind to my family. This is the place that basically allowed us to move in without a full deposit- something totally unheard of. I’ll always have that in the front of my mind.

As far as removing the wallpaper – It would have been lovely if it had been done before we moved in, but it wasn’t. I actually think the owner doesn’t realize how much has peeled down. But this is something that I took on and in a freaky deaky way I want to do it (watch me laugh about saying that in a week!). I may not be able to put the color I want up on the walls, but I am actively making a room for W. And that is really nice and special feeling.

That being said – you all have some awesome ideas about bringing color into the room. Decals! Fabric! See? THIS is why I needed to bring ya’ll into the makeover process. Sometimes I just lack scope.

{Also – how cool is that vintage Sesame Street book? They are all from the early 70’s and I kind of want them in my room.}

So here is my design-y question: Can you MAKE your own stick-em decals for a room? Like if I found a cute page from this book could I then have it turned into something I could put on W’s wall that could later be removed? (because he may not be like me and always love muppets – this probably won’t happen, but I should prepare myself!)

Maybe now the walls are off-white, the curtains are still navy, and then I use the kermit green color to paint frames to hang on the wall??

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