Guess what. We can’t paint W’s room. Well we CAN, we just can’t paint it green. Or blue. Or mauve. Or any color that is not “off white”. Yup. I found this out because I was being a super awesome tenant and called the property manager to let them know that as I was removing some wallpaper I noticed some cracks in the wall and I wanted to find out if they wanted photos of the cracks before I patched them up before painting.

I was met with, “um…painting? I need to call the owner of the house because this is the first I heard about painting.”

Which didn’t make me flinch. In fact I thought it was good that the manager was going to talk to the home owner. I thought she would be happy. When we first toured the house with the real estate agent, who is a friend of the owner, the agent was so apologetic about the small room at the top of the stairs. The peeling wallpaper was, well peeling, and it was the ONLY room in the house that had not been freshened up by paint in ages. We were told that we absolutely should feel free to remove wallpaper and paint the room. When we asked about colors it was, “don’t worry about it!”

When the property manager called back the word was, “No painting. And especially NO GREEN.” And we were told we could leave the wallpaper up if we wanted to. Um…thanks?

In the long run I’m glad to know this information now. Better to know it before paint is on the walls! But I won’t lie. I’m sad. Once again my plans for finally creating W a room of his own are kicked in the shins. I’m having a moment of pout.

Also I guess I can be thankful that I only purchased sample sizes of the paint (especially since that one green did NOT go up the way imagined it – way too institutionalized of a green!). I know we will get it looking cute – colors on the wall don’t always make or break a room. Plus a friend just gave me a giant bag full of vintage Sesame Street books that I can use as wall art. I’m talking OLD SCHOOL Sesame Street. I can’t wait to show you.

Now I just need to finish (start) removing the wallpaper and find a nice off-white.

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