We are going with the advice of our Vet and loving Charlie for as long as we can. He currently does not seem to be in any pain. He is still eating his kibble, drinking water and able to slowly walk. He also can muster up a trot if W is munching on goldfish crackers and he hears one hit the hardwood floor.

If his eating or drinking changes or if his walking changes (we have been told what to look for specifically) then we will call the Vet and revisit everything.

I’m sure those of you that have been at this crossroads before can understand the horrible duality involved. The wanting to cling to and love your beloved pet for as long as possible, but also knowing that you are entrusted with making sure they are not in pain. So that is where we are. Loving, loving, loving this dear friend (we just can’t hug him) and watching him closely to make sure we catch the moment things change so that we can act in his best interest.

It brings up so many complicated feelings that I had at the end of Millie’s life. And of course it reminds me that Millie will be there to meet Charlie when it is his time. He will be reunited with his brother, Admiral Wyatt (that I also lost to aggressive cancer) and dear BG Talula.

But I wonder how W’s brain will process this. And I wonder how I will survive without hearing W calling, “sholly!”

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