Since the weekend was so jam packed with fun times and then W napped for just over three hours on Sunday (oh yes, you read that right – THREE HOURS!!) I never snagged a good moment to begin the wallpaper removal of W’s room.

But I do have something exciting to share with you – we have paint!

I did a lot of researching and looking and then there was an amazing sale at Sherwin Williams and the next thing you know I am rushing to pick up sample quarts of paint before they close on Saturday night. On Sunday I was able to roll a couple of swipes on the walls so we can get a feel for it. (hopefully this won’t totally eff up the wallpaper removal I end up doing later this week!)

Oh! I have decided, as many of you suggested, to use two colors in the room. I picked out a simple pale green for three walls and then, for the fourth wall I am going with a super vibrant green. I’ll go ahead and say it – it’s pretty close to Kermit colored. I’ll be painting this on the window wall and it will have a dark blue (probably in the navy family) curtain over the blackout curtain.

The light color has too much wallpaper showing through to really give me an accurate glimpse, but the darker green is so yummy. It made me grin just rolling on the little bit that I did. And last night, as I was putting W down for bed he pointed to the dark green and clapped. Hope that he will continue to like the changes we make!

And now – FINALLY- a before photo. Because the room is so small it is a hard one to photograph. But hopefully this shows you enough of the before that we are dealing with – including the wallpaper that I need to get down.

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