We had (are having) a wonderful weekend. I spent most of Saturday out of the house and solo. I went to my first Girl’s Lunch Out event in Philly and had a great time. I was a bit nervous about going- I always am when it comes to social media FUNCTIONS. This is because I don’t really know what my place is within social media. I am not a product nor am I trying to be. That, by the way, is totally fine with me. But inevitably at these kind of things the question of, “What is your site/blog about?” is asked. For some reason I feel like I can’t just say it’s about parenting. Even saying single parenting doesn’t seem to cover it.

So I usually say, “Well. Er. It started as a blog to chronicle my path to Motherhood. Then that started taking a long time. So then it became a blog about fertility and then infertility. And while I was trying to get pregnant I was also taking care of my Grandmother so I started writing about that. And then I got pregnant. And then my Mom lost her job and my Grandmother died, and my world totally turned upside down…but we just turned a BIG corner and…and…” (Feel free to reread/read my recent post about over-sharing…)

I do like connecting with and meeting other writers and bloggers/ site owners in the area. I love the empowerment energy of events like these. It’s all very can do and inspiring and networking in a way that doesn’t freak me out. Except for that little part about not knowing who *I* am at these things.

What was totally, totally interesting to me was that in two different moments I had these fantastic and serious and amazing conversations with two different women. With one woman, because she did the “what is your site about” question we talked about infertility. And oh her story was so intense and heartbreaking and, well familiar because of the atmosphere that I began blogging within. So I asked if she read certain blogs, if she wanted me to make introductions for her and the answer was kindly, no thank you. Because she doesn’t blog about it.

The second woman I spoke to has a site that is about a very specific and cool topic but when we began to talk about kids and she shared stories about her daughters – stories that were so inspirational and moving- I literally interrupted her and asked, “Where are you writing about this?” Nowhere. (I’m going to keep nagging her though…bwha ha ha!)

Overwhelmingly the women at these meet ups want to connect beyond their sites and beyond their twitter handles – this is what I really have in common with them. As much as I love following people on twitter and reading blogs- it changes shapes and dimension when you are face to face with a person and beyond a retweet button or google reader in your browser. And I like that it’s different. I honestly wish that I could have coffee or go see a movie or people watch in the park with 99.98% of the people that read my blog.

I know that within the adoption, loss, infertility blog community many of us write about things that we just simply feel funny talking to people about beyond the walls of our web pages. But if you ever do get a chance to go to one of these networking events like GLO or Momz Share think about going. And if you ever go to one in Philly TELL ME so we can gab.

Today W and I met up with the other half of Plaid House for a playdate in the rain. Seeing W and his good buddy V jumping around and squealing was so fantastic. We then went out for W’s and my very first (chicken) cheese-steak. W had zero interest interest in the cheese-steak but really enjoyed dipping his veggie booty into ketchup.

Nothing like an easy Sunday afternoon with a good friend. With greasy food.

What have you been up to this weekend?

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