Yesterday morning I started brewing my coffee and placed my mug, spoon, and coffee milk next to the machine. W pattered behind me singing to plastic spice bottles. We have our morning coffee ritual and it was in the beginning stage.

Then W decided to alter the morning. He put the spices down and in his most adorable voice told me he needed more milk. Then he indicated that he had left his sippy cup in the living room. Since I know that one of W’s favorite things to do is watch the coffee brew I left him in the kitchen and fetched the sippy from under a pillow on the sofa.

When I walked back into the kitchen W was SO excited. He picked up my mug (which is a no no) and I noticed that it was full, and I do mean FULL, of coffee milk. He presented my mug to me and declared, “COFFEE!!!!!!” Oh he was so proud of himself. I was quietly impressed that he didn’t spill a drop of coffee milk in the pouring of it into the mug.

I mimed drinking the “coffee” but this was not enough for him. It was not enough for me to say mmmmmm! Oh but I couldn’t chug it. I couldn’t waste the coffee milk- especially when there was a pot of perfectly good coffee just waiting to join it. The moment was over and I had now crossed the threshold into being rude and offensive. So as I apologized and poured the milk back into the container W flopped onto the floor and wailed.

And I felt horrible, but oh so loved.


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