Last night I put on real clothes, dropped W off at Mom’s office, strutted a few blocks, walked into a tucked away little bar in a train station and met up with some pretty amazing people. The reason? A mini celebration and glass clinking moment with the brilliant Eden Kennedy and Alice Bradley who have just given birth to a new book: Let’s Panic About Babies!

It was an evening of nonstop laughing with the authoresses, Cecily, Daddy Scratches, and Andi Buchanan. Seriously- I haven’t had such a great time in a very, very long time.

One of the things talked about was the fade out of the “blog roll”. When I started blogging the only way to learn about other blogs was to gaze into the sidebar of another blog and see who they were reading. And everyone had different blogs in their bog rolls. Sure, many times an overlap would happen, but usually you could count on finding someone new.

These days I am actually pretty private with my blogroll. I don’t link to it or make it public. Years ago I might have suggested someone start reading a certain blog but now I’m more likely to suggest you follow someone on twitter.

But this is all besides the point. The point being that Alice and Eden are two of the most clever and kind women out there. And they are also fucking brilliant comedians. Let’s Panic About Babies! is cover your mouth because you will wake the neighbors from laughing out loud funny.

Pregnancy and/or parenting after infertility changes you. It makes you forever dark and twisty – maybe not always in every moment, but I’ll be honest and say I totally have what might be called inappropriate laughing moments over other people’s pregnancy stories. I just do. Call it a coping mechanism or call me forever damaged, but this book should be handed out the day you get a positive pregnancy test or take home baby. It’s the perfect thing to take to the OB or pediatrician waiting room to read. Let the other ladies read the “What to Expect” blah blah blah books. I promise they won’t be laughing like you will. (& this means they will suck as parents…just saying.)

If you want a glimpse into how their minds work check out the Book Trailer:

Neither Eden nor Alice are paying me to say nice things about them or their book. This thing is for real funny.

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