The more I visualize the future room of W the more I see it in green. Green walls, dark blue curtains over the blackout curtains…But now to pick which color green. Because, of course, there are a million different greens. Because I will most likely only need one gallon of paint I am going to see if I can swing the good stuff. Meaning the stuff that doesn’t need a primer. Of course if I find an amazing green on the resale shelf of the home store I will totally snag it up!

It’s hard to figure out what flavor green to settle on – especially when I am trying to go for a calm vibe. Some of the more “spa like” greens seem to have too much grey in them. And the greens with too much yellow just won’t do. I keep coming back to a few colors and while I will have to see them in the store – I thought I would share them with you to see what you thought. One of the colors doesn’t immediately scream calm, but it is such a pleasant color that my eye keeps going to it. I wonder if you will guess which one…

So which color do you think would work in a small room for a toddler? (images from Home Depot)

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