March is here – which means that we have reached the month where W’s room will get a makeover! One of the interesting perks of this rental house is that we were told we could paint the smallest room upstairs as it was the only room that had not been “tended to” before it went on the market for sale or rent.

The room is covered in peeling wallpaper so before anything of importance can be done the wallpaper needs to go. This is going to be my project this weekend. I’m planning on going the score and vinegar route followed by tea pot steam. Hopefully this will do the trick. Since W is incredibly tuned in to wanting to help and because there is not much ventilation in the room I won’t be using any harsh chemical stuffs.

I’m not locked down on how I want his room to look at all. I waver between blue walls or green walls (not primary versions of either as it is a small room and if it is anything too outlandish we would need to paint over). Also? I have NO idea how to arrange his room.

Basically it is a clean slate – which, in terms of makeovers and design, seems pretty ideal.

I thought I would ask you guys for design help/inspiration/suggestions. I will be blogging the makeover and so OF COURSE you should be involved. The goal is to have it complete by his 2nd birthday. So we have a month. (oh weeps! My baby will be TWO in a month!!)

Here is what I have sorted out thus far:

  • I want it to be calm and soothing. He has a play area set up down stairs. So his bedroom is for sleeping and getting dressed.
  • It would be nice if there was a place to read him bedtime stories.
  • He has many interests (airplanes, stars, cooking, books, the entire PBS kids lineup) but I think a theme room would get old really fast.
  • I have two quilts that are hanging in the room & I would like to continue to hang them – one is the IVP quilt and the other is from Pottery Barn and was originally what I wanted his nursery to feel like (you can see both quilts in that link and the white bookcase I later mention)
  • We are using black out curtains on the windows and those need to stay. But oh my lands are the unattractive! I have no idea what to do about this.
  • The dimensions of the room are 8′ x 10′. There is a window with a radiator in front of it and a closet. We currently have 2 items of furniture in the room: W’s crib and a white vertical tower bookcase that I have placed horizontally. On the floor we have the squishy alphabet tiles. W’s crib is now in the center of the room because when he was on a wall he peeled the wallpaper or futzed with the light switch.

    Wow – all of this seems so dull to write about! Clearly I need some fresh eyes on this. Below is a floorplan of W’s room now. I built it using the very addictive online floorplanner. (door on bottom right is entrance, door on top left is closet)

    If you have any thoughts about toddler room makeovers I would love to hear it!

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