A few weeks ago, on a whim and with great hope, I applied for a BlogHership to volunteer at this year’s conference in San Diego. Buying a ticket to the conference was not something I could even contemplate doing. But the idea of contributing to the conference as a volunteer seemed so fantastic so I poured my heart out into the little on-line application form. I figured IF I got a BlogHership then I would sort out travel and accommodations – but having the cost of the conference covered would be huge.

This week I heard the news – I’m going to BlogHer! I will be working as a mic wrangler during some sessions and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I was feeling a bit sad about conferences in general lately because they are much talked about but not something many of us can manage. There are matters of finance, childcare, work, etc, etc that make attending conferences seem oh so far away. That a program like this exists is just amazing and of course I am giddy that by being a part of it I can now be a part of BlogHer 11.

Dare I ask if anyone has any frequent flier miles they are sitting on?


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