Enough of you guys told me that I needed to stop dabbling in shelf meds and get myself to a pharmacy for some PROPER drugs. In the back of my mind I figured I would just have to point to the medication I wanted and then that would be that. Maybe show some id to prove my age? Sniffle?

The mistake I made, and I share this so that no one else does this, I waited until I was sick before buying cold medication. I had my old standbys at the house, but like I said, those weren’t doing it for me this go around. And without relief I was trapped in a cycle of feeling crummy, not getting much sleep, and waking up feeling crummier.

So yesterday afternoon W and I went out on a mission to get diapers and Big Daddy cold medicine. We arrived at the pharmacy at a not so good time – just after 5:00pm. I clearly hadn’t thought it through. But the place was PACKED with everyone exiting the nearby trolley stop.

We waited in line for 100 years (I am not exaggerating a bit) and as we wait I start to feel grey. You know that clammy sort of teetering feeling? I put W down and tried to keep steady on my feet. The sweat was now pouring down my face and my eyelids were heavy. I don’t know if it was just being still or the tube lighting or the random anxiety I felt about having to ask for a behind the counter medication.

By the time it was my turn I felt so dry and cotton mouthed. And in my head all I can think of is the reason a person has to go these extra steps to get this drug is to prevent the creation of meth and oh my gawd did I look like I was ON DRUGS?? Because a person at the height of a nasty cold and a person on meth – they could start to look the same.

I ask for the pseudomakeitbetterine and the woman says, “what kind?” I blink at her. “The good kind?” Niiiiiiiiiiice. Way to not look like you’ve got bunsen burners in your basement. She holds up each box and tells me what magic powers each one has and I just look at her like she is speaking elephant. I finally just tell her “blue box” because I like the color blue.  I get out my debit card and am ready to swipe. You can laugh now. HA HAAAA!

Twenty minutes later I get to swipe my debit card. Yup. Twenty minutes. That’s how long it took for me to fill out a form, have my license scanned into a “system” and xeroxed for the pharmacy records. Since I had never been to this pharmacy before I had to fill out an address and date of birth and yadda yadda card. And of course W hears the sounds of another child in the store and MUST LUNGE TO SEEEEEEE!

It was totally sucky. And awful. And lesson of the day – don’t do it when you are sick because it’s just that much worse. Plus I felt like an asshole for coughing and blowing my nose and flailing about in the pharmacy area. I prefer to keep my sickness behind closed doors so I can blow my nose without anyone seeing me do it.

After the purchase at the pharmacy W and I picked out some dipes for him (they have hippos on them!) and I got some cough suppressant and peppermint cough drops. Because peppermint will ALWAYS make it better.

I guess the meds are working better? I really am so pathetic though so it is hard to tell. I just want a day of sleep and soup. I also wish there was a way I could remember that I have made myself a cup of tea. I always make it, find it too hot and set it down, then forget about it. When I remember “I’ve got tea!” it’s gone all tepid. I need an alert system that can poke me when my tea is at a drinkable temperature.

So much for the February Love Letter thing I had going. I will have something exciting to talk about in a few days though – so there’s that.

Please go forth and purell your browsers.

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