The worst kind of cold is the one that really makes itself at home in your body, unpacks a couple of boxes, paints the walls, hangs a photo or two and then throws a housewarming party for all of its friends. Basically what I’m saying is I feel like I have had this cold for ten years. Just when I think it is fading away BAM! I start getting congested all over again.

I’m wondering if our increase in playdates (aka germ receptacles) is what is making this loop of illness happen. Or maybe it’s the season for it. I know temperature doesn’t matter but I certainly feel more pathetic when I am cold with a cold. (Even though I typically like being cold.)

I’ve employed the following weapons against this particular sickness:

  • nettie pot
  • mashing of sinus points
  • alka seltzer cold
  • dayquil DM
  • hot tea with lemon & honey
  • regular aspirin

And they all had varying degrees of effectiveness. Some were instantly soothing (tea with honey is always the go to for a sore throat) and some old favorites had to be benched. The nettie pot seriously failed me this cold. I have been so totally congested that it couldn’t flow through which resulted in more than one unfortunate salt water moment.

Alka seltzer cold tabs are my secret remedies. My Grandfather used to depend on these and they have always worked for me. And when they started coming out in orange flavor? Very happy. I could plop, plop fizz, fizz and my relief would happen within twenty minutes- and I consider that to be timely.

But even alka seltzer was having to take a knee in defeat. It would help with a bit of the congestion, dry things up a bit, but I just wanted to breathe through my nose!!

That’s when I remembered that commercial with some new product about congestion and breathing. Of course I couldn’t remember anything identifying about the product so I sent out a tweet that basically said, “What product are they selling with the girl in bed with a stuffed up nose and a guy tells her not to blame mucus?”

Wouldn’t you know people knew exactly what I was looking for and for the past few days I have been giving this advil congestion relief a try. The first pill I took was a bit amazing. Within ten minutes I realized my mouth was closed and I was breathing through my mouth. WOOO! But it doesn’t always kick in for me that fast. Sometimes an hour will pass before my nasal passage finally feels open.

It’s certainly something I will keep in the medicine cabinet now, but not quite the consistent miracle that I was hoping for.

Of course I am always curious what other people do when a cold smacks them silly. Is there a special remedy that you go to? I probably have two more days of this crummy cold, at least. If you’re sitting on some kind of cure all I am begging you – TELL ME!

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