The hat love is BIG over here. Super big. It’s all because we love to Go Go Go on an adventure with the Cat in the Hat. And whenever W sees Cat with his hat he yells, “HAT!” and then does this mad scramble around the house and playroom to find his hat. Because W has an adventure hat that he claimed as his several weeks ago.

W’s love of hats began early:

And he later turned his love of hats into an art:

But his adventure hat is what he cherishes most these days. And this is the hat that he insisted on wearing on our adventures today. He wore it in the car, in Trader Joe’s, in another store and a 1/4 of a romp in the playground. The hat has also helped him showcase some new words. He heard how adorable he was all morning and without any prompt from me he would lift up his hat and reply, “Tank YOU!”

The hat is so big and so I love it because it makes W look oh so little.

(Audio note: I do say “hi” so if you are at the office turn down your speakers)

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