It started Friday evening. I honestly don’t even know where the desire came from but it came on strong. And then BOOM there it was, sitting on my chest and screaming at me – it would not be ignored. I wanted a shamrock shake! Green, frothy, minty, the holy grail of shakes.

I have maybe only had five shamrock shakes in my life – all when I lived in New York. And every time I had one it felt like a special moment. This is something hard to explain to someone that is not familiar with the green shakes. But if you have? And someone suddenly says, “shamrock shake!!!!” you kind of get a quiver.

I don’t know the history of the shakes but I know that they were created by Mc Donald’s to honor St. Patrick’s day – because, you know, he liked shakes or something. I think it’s obvious why I love ’em – MINT. Not full on peppermint, but in the family works for me. I’m guessing the shake is basically mint extract and green food coloring added to regular vanilla shake – but what makes it special is that it isn’t available everywhere and it certainly isn’t available all year long- just a little window late in February to mid March.

It was wonderful to realize that I could put away my mourning of holiday peppermint mocha coffee creamer and now fully embrace the Shamrock Shake. Mmmmmm. It was so good.

Have you ever had one? If not want me to have one for you? (heh)

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