In a snap this week is over, but it has been a very exhausting and draining week. Usually a key source of my exhaustion is keeping up with W, but he’s so different and it feels all of a sudden, but also gradual. And it was really today, when I was so caught up in a work project that had me SUPER freaked out all day, that I realized – wait a minute- W is not contributing to my stress at ALL today. In fact he was amazing. He was content playing with his books and toys and did laps around the house and was silly and adorable and it was just wonderful.

When I was finally able to put the computer away in the early afternoon I decided to bring down an extra crib mattress that we had in W’s closet. W squealed in delight as I trotted it down the stairs and slid it to next to the sofa. Then we jumped and danced and bounced and tickled and laughed. We were silly. It was divine.

My favorite moment of today, the moment that I had to pause and take a photo of, was when Cat in the Hat came on tv and W went blazing out to the play room to grab a hat so he could be properly adorned to watch his favorite show.

I have no idea if I am jinxing this wonderful little change in W by talking about it, but I have done my fair share of fretting over the tantrums and flailing so it feels fantastic to simply say it was great with W today.

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