One of the things that living in Philadelphia has done is increase my realization that the car we use is not the best car for us. It is the PERFECT car in that it is all paid off and and has quirky sentimental things about it – like an obvious fingerprint of Millie’s on the passenger visor mirror. But really it’s like driving a boat and driving a boat in any city is not something I am digging. The thing that has become glaringly OMFG is the gas mileage for driving in the city on the rare moments when we actually do. I’m lucky if we manage 15 mpg. It’s depressing and expensive. And don’t get me started on the parking anxiety.

Obviously it will be quite a while before we can do anything about getting a different car. That being said it hasn’t stopped me from thinking about what kind of car it might be. I had no say so in the current car we drive. It was Grandmother’s and it was to her taste and needs. It has done a fine job adapting to our family as it has evolved from wheelchairs to strollers. But I’m daydreaming and I thought you guys might have opinions.

My dream car would seat 5-6, have over 23 mpg in the city, not look too weird, work for tall people, Mother wants a sunroof, powerful & safe engine, safe…maybe some personality? And it would be great if it could have all of that and carry a nice haul from Ikea and still be super easy/manageable to park.

Here is a short list of cars in the fantasy play-offs. Which would you get and why? And is there an obvious car that I am not looking at?

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