The day after St. Valentine’s day and my heart is beating for a plastic bottle sloshing with thick, orange liquid: Oh Dayquil I love you so much. W loves me so much that the cold that he got from heaven knows where he decided to share with me. Isn’t that sweet?! So yesterday he was a muted version of himself with a bit of a fever and non-stop snot. It was bad enough that I opted to keep us both away from our beloved Monday playgroup at the library. Oh man did I miss it!

Today I would not have been able to function without cold medicine. And W, while much better, was in this sort of frantic post sick state of being. Sort of a cabin fever mixed with a desire to spin in a circle with a splash of lack of quality sleep. He would literally run from one end of the house from the other, come to a quick stop in front of me and then try to sit down on a stool and miss it by a mile.

And while the dayquil did wonders to keep some of my congestion dried up and my throat less scratchy I was still a bit of a mouth-breather for most of the day, still in a bit of a fog. Which – wow- so not fun to parent in that element. The tv was on for a bit longer than it usually is and I was not as engaged with W as I usually am. What I really wanted to do was go upstairs and zone out to day time gossip shows and drift away into a healing sort of nap.

But 300 episodes of Word World and Super Why saved the sanity of the house. And by “sanity of the house” I mean kept W from climbing the walls.

So today I love over the counter medication and PBS Kids programming.

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