This past week was the birthday of one of my dear friends and W’s Godfather. I insisted that we do something fun and casual to celebrate so we invited him over to the house for tacos. Mmmmm. Tacos! The hours leading up to a house-guest are so frantic and topsy-turvy, especially when there is the preoccupation of a certain someone to keep in mind. But it is a great fire under the butt to really do a “company’s coming” clean up and there is nothing quite like that kind of clean.

Our menu consisted of root beer floats, chips & salsa, and a choice of either ground turkey or ground beef tacos. I put all the fixings out on the buffet in the kitchen and we assembled everything ourselves while W sucked down noodles at the table. We ended the meal with warm brownies and ice cream.

Before the meal and during the meal W was absolutely besotted with his Godfather. They are equally silly and impish and they connected in quiet ways and loud ways. Seeing them together was just this great exhale moment for me – we live in the same city as TWO of his Godparents. And his third Godparent will be visiting him (& me!) in the Spring. He is surrounded by so much love!

It is just so wonderfully validating that the people that I picked to be invested in his life actually are.

I loved seeing and capturing this moment.

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