February 12th – you were so lovely and nice that I am actually writing you a day later. Yesterday was my long overdue, get out and about, day with Marta. And the perfect accompaniment to the day out was Mother watching W. I put on clothes that didn’t have any crusty bits of food on them or cheerio dust. I put on makeup and did something a bit more with my hair than just put it up. (I still put it up- but THERE WERE BOBBY PINS!)

We met at an amazing restaurant that specialized in crepes. All kinds of crepes. And oh my lands YUM. We split a savory and a sweet and talked and talked and talked.

W kept finding his way back into everything I spoke about and I would apologize about that, which Marta found absurd seeing as she is one of his Godmothers. But it was weird that I couldn’t go more than 2 sentences without driving the conversation  back to him. (and yet I was so aware of how nice it was have a break from him)

After brunch Marta and I explored the Italian Markets and I cursed myself for not bringing my camera. But it was just a totally easy and mellow meandering day. We’d see a thrift store and walk in, see another store and walk in…it sort of tilted me back to a more human place.

Of course this isn’t to say poor me that I don’t ever go anywhere nice anymore. I’m quite fine with that right now because it’s just not feasible. But oh when it happens! When the rare treat of a day out with a great friend happens – I know to wallow in and savor every ounce of it.  I loved yesterday so much.

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