February 11- I decided, in advance, to make you special. There’s just something about the symmetry of 2-11/2’11.

A few days ago Cecily presented an opportunity for a free ten minute psychic reading and I couldn’t pass it up. I have friends that have done readings for me (and been amazingly spot on) and I have visited psychics when I lived in New York and then in Los Angeles. I like the idea that someone could be able to see more of me than I can see for myself.

I waited until W went down for his nap and then dialed into the number sort of fumbling through the long list of prompts. This particular place has you listen to messages from different psychics that are available for readings and then when you like the sound of someone you dial in their code. It was amusing to me who I quickly fast forwarded through: two men, and a woman that sounded VERY serious and intense. I didn’t want serious or intense so I picked Gia who sounded like a high school misfit.

And at first it was a bit like an awkward first date. Shuffling of feet. Who says something first? Eventually I could make out the shuffling of cards and I heard her muttering to herself before she she shared with me the news: I am the sun. I am warmth and light and enjoy encouraging others to grow.

She proceeded to talk to me about the kind of energy that I have in my life, the kind of people that I have in my orbit, and she was very clear that a very dark phase was over. And that is all lovely to hear, but kind of generic.

Then she paused and said, “I’m sorry about the cat.” And this is where I tell you that Mother’s cat died in her arms last week- totally unexpected. I can’t write more about it because it is her wound and it is very fresh. I kind of gasped, but before I could respond she said, “and something happened with the car yesterday but it’s just cosmetic so let it go right now.” And this is where I tell you that yesterday I totally did drive over a low mound of snow that had become rock solid and it damaged a bit of plastic near the back right wheel.


She continued on to talk about creative energy and writing and lack of conflict and I finally just asked her if I was going to have any romance this year. She started chuckling, “I was afraid you were going to ask that”. (not exactly what you want to hear, right?) Turns out that as she was dealing (is that the right term?) the tarot cards all of the cards for love fell on the floor which literally meant that love was not in the cards for me right now.


Dear sweet Gia then fussed at me and said, “look- if you really want love you are in charge and can make that happen.” Great answer. And I think it’s true- I mean that’s pretty much what I have been trying to do with these February posts. If I create an environment of love than love will be my environment.

I asked a few more questions and was fascinated by her responses and then we wrapped things up. It was kind of refreshing to have had this reading and not have one of those giant life questions on my heart: am I ever going to be a Mom? Will my Grandmother get better? Will my Mother ever find a job?

It was oddly recharging to have this call. When I hung up I felt lighter and, I don’t know, validated? I wish I had prepped more for the call and had more specific questions to ask – but maybe that wasn’t the reading I needed to have. I am the sun.

Have you ever had a reading before? I’m always curious who is open to this stuff and who, well, isn’t.

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