February 10 is about seeing someone in their element. You know how we all have that happy place? Some of us like a mac computer store or slowly browsing Ikea. Some of us like unique antique stores or quiet art galleries. My happy place is wherever I can find a bit of calm, a bit of quiet, and a hot cup of coffee and a great wifi connection. W’s happy place is, without a doubt, the kitchen.

He didn’t really comprehend the wonders of the kitchen in Maryland. But the week we moved into this house we got him a stool so that he could wash his hands before meals and instead of parking it next to the sink he drags it all over our little gallery kitchen. He pulls down every spice and has deep, philosophical conversations with them introducing cloves to paprika.

He drags the stool over to the sink and washes plastic plates and cups then drags it over to the stove and tells me that the burners are HOT MAMA!! He then tells me about the oven and the spatula. Soon he gets a bit of a twinkle in his eye and tries to do things like put sponges in the well of my coffee pot or hide things deep in the crevices of the pantry.

When we go to the library on Mondays he can’t get to the play kitchen fast enough. And today we went to this amazing giant and wonderful play house in Philly and it had a large play kitchen that he took over. Other kids drifted in and out of the area but W’s heart stayed true to the kitchen.

It’s his happy place. He has a happy place. Which- wow, right?

I can’t wait to track down just the right kitchen to get him for his birthday- just thinking about that makes me smile.

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