There is much to love about this day – all of which leads to the cherry- the bright star- the moment the chorus comes in and I quietly ask them to LEAVE because my son is NAPPING!

Our day began with something very new to us. We are comfortable with Monday morning play group at the library but on Wednesdays there are playgroups at people’s houses and today was our first day that we were able to plan on going. I did as the wise people of the internet suggested to me ages ago when I flailed about asking for time management help: I packed a snack bag the night before, put out his clothes, my clothes AND had our coats and boots ready to go (as opposed to one boot in kitchen, one boot in the bedroom…it happens)

We arrived exactly on time and for a good forty minutes W and I were the only people sitting on the floor with our hosts. Which was kind of ok. Our host was a work at home dad with a theatre background and W was totally charmed by him and his two sons. Eventually more people showed up and then it was a controlled sort of chaos: four year olds doing puzzles in the living room and the under 3’s playing with trains in the playroom.

The chaos? Oh that would be W running back and forth between the two rooms checking on everyone. Usually he carried a giant ball that was nearly as big as he was and he would rush up to some kid and exclaim, “Baaaaaaaaaall!” And miracle of miracles not a single kid decked him or told him to shove off.

We played for over two hours and once I saw that W was having a total meltdown over sharing pots and pans I knew we should make an exit. Thankfully no one slammed the door shut on us when we left – instead they said, “see you next week.” Phew.

I love that W so totally adapted to this new kind of morning. He had a moment of shyness, but then he was fine. And I left him alone for the most part, which allowed him to Lloyd Dobler at a senior class party me while we were there.

We had a quick lunch then got ready to go back out to give a friend a ride- which is when the OW happened. W cut his toe on something (I have no idea what) and when he saw blood he completely and totally FA-reaked out. Like flail city, all over the floor, banging his head, would not be held, and oh my GOD it was horrible, horrible, horrible, and he would not stop crying and then coughing and then gagging and then screaming and I felt so totally hopeless. I know he was scared and I know he hurt but I couldn’t get through to him. What finally calmed him down was me sneezing (making a note of that for the future!)

He was asleep before I finished buckling him into the car seat and he slept for the drive to and fro. When we got back home he slept as I removed his boots, changed his diaper, and as I put him into his crib he opened his eyes and said, “Mama, mmmmmmmm” and then he air kissed me.”

He then slept for three hours. THREE.

And I know it’s wednesday and I might regret saying this, but he feels changed. He feels a bit more grounded. Which has GOT to sound silly of me to say after telling ya’ll about his reaction to his toe- but I wouldn’t have expected anything less for that moment.

I loved his layers today. The playful imp of the morning, the emotional and sensitive guy in the afternoon, and my loving babe all the time.

But honestly, what I loved MOST about February 9th? THREE HOUR NAP!

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