February 8: I loved bundling us up in hoodies and sweaters, boots and chapstick and slushing five long blocks to the bank. W pushed his stroller half way there muttering, “ices! ices! Snooooooooow!” The sky was a vibrant blue that we haven’t seen in ages.

We heard an airplane and W didn’t even look up because for so long it has been futile to look for them in the overcast grey days that we have been having. I tugged at his elbow to get him to stop his stroller march. “W! Look! AIRPLANE!” He turned to look at me, I guess to acknowledge that, yes, he also heard the sound of the engine above our heads, but as he turned he actually caught sight of it. The actual airplane. And his entire face became filled with love and admiration. He turned back to look at me and he smiled. As if I had made this happen. As if I was in charge of such things.

Then he turned his attention back to the stroller and yelled, “go go go go goooooooooo!” So off we went. I loved it.

love, me

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