Writing nightly has been good for me. Focusing on something positive, claiming it and appreciating parts of my day has helped me turn my attitude around in many situations. I honestly wake up thinking, “I wonder what I will fall in love with today” because I want to write about something that evening. And, sure, sometimes I am pushing the Pollyanna- but why the hell not?

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have large blocks of time where I am frustrated, upset, sad, annoyed, hurt, tired…you know, things other than IN LOVE WITH THE DAY. But, for me, this has been a trial to see if I can learn to let go of the yuk faster. Not deny the yuk, because I would explode, but to see it, say hello to it, and then step aside and move along. I won’t shake hands with the yuk this month. But something positive? I’m trying to give that stuff bear hugs.

That being said I am having a really weird day of covet. Ever have one of those? The commercials on the tv and the ads online and the spam in my inbox and the set decoration in a magazine…it got to me. Like profoundly. Stupidly. And I found myself imagining what I would buy if I could just go buy stuff. STUFF stuff. So I figured I would confess my list of coveted things in the off chance that maybe you have such a list and then maybe I won’t feel so freaky for being all I WANT THAT like I am 7 and a toy commercial just came on in the middle of The Smurfs…ahem

1. a grown up bedroom set
2. a fancy coffee maker, blender, microwave
3. a hybrid car for tall people
4. every new mac product, with vouchers for automatic product upgrades
5. a custom built playroom
6. those fancy blinds with no strings attached
7. every item in Land of Nod catalogue
8. shoes from Nordstrom
9. video library for W
10. tickets to blogging conferences

And you? Got anything you are coveting right now??

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