Today I love that even though I do something stupid like forget an entire bag of groceries (which contained every single ingredient needed to make pizza for dinner tonight) at the end of the grocery store check out line, that I could call the store and go back and collect the neglected items several hours later. And why several hours later? Because W napped for SEVERAL HOURS.

Let’s just take a moment to dance around in that statement. My son, the nap avoider, the “if he does nap it’s never longer than 40 minutes” guy- napped from 1:20pm – 3:30pm.

The funny thing is that it just took me so off guard that I didn’t really do anything during this rare gem of quiet time. I kept thinking that any minute he was going to wake up- so no sense starting a load of laundry or work project. Which, in the end, was kind of nice. To just have a few hours of lolling about doing pretty much nothing.

In silence.

When W woke up we went back to the grocery store and since we were already pointed in that direction and the timing was right we decided to pick up Mother from work. This was super thrilling for W and she exclaimed, “Lolly!!!!!” for several streets and then went back to his Cat in the Hat impression screaming, “Go Go Go Go ‘ venture!”

The pizza was good, but I should have used fresh pineapples…

Love, Me

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