Dear February 5th, YOU LET ME SLEEP IN!! Thank you. I woke up to W chanting, “coffee, coffee!” in his crib and we went down and made Mama’s morning brew together so that he could perform his very important job of stirring my creamer into my coffee.

I love creamer. But I am coming to the end of my bottle of peppermint mocha and sadly I haven’t seen it stocked on the shelves anymore. Time to move along in flavors…

W seemed different today, so much more mellow and silly and check this out: ZERO time outs!

Other wonderful moments of the day include consuming chocolate and saving over $40 at the grocery store.

Tomorrow W turns 22 months old and we will set aside a part of the day to go through his clothes that no longer fit. This morning as I was doing my daily craig’s list search for a play kitchen I saw an ad for a woman looking to collect clothes for a family in my small town. The mother was not yet thirty and as she was walking her daughter to dance class she suffered a heart attack and died. She had her almost 3 month old son strapped into a carrier on her chest. Monday we’ll meet up with a friend of this family and pass forward to the baby boy (that thankfully suffered no injuries) clothes that were once given to us with much love.

thank you for putting these things into my day.

Love, me

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