Friday! Oh hello there February 4th. You are are instantly adored by your proximity to Saturday -a day where there is always a higher possibility that there will be some help with the chaos. I will say that you were gentle with me today and I thank you for that. W didn’t sleep well at all last night- lots of unrest and calling out. I thought that he might be cold but as we watched my coffee brew (a favorite morning ritual) I caught him pretty much shoving his entire hand into his mouth. Then the drool kicked in and OH! I suddenly figured it out- teething pain.

This might explain so much of this week. I have tried to grin and ride it out but you guys, it has been HARD. And maybe this is what almost two looks like in every house (holy shit) but this level of extreme aggression and combative acting out has made me crumble inward.

I know this isn’t much of a love letter to the day, but hear me out, I love that I can claim “teething” as a reason right now. Because this entire week I have been me freaking out over this wild situation. As in, “what have I done wrong??” and “why won’t he listen to me?” or “where did he learn to react this way????” Blame game- I’m the winner!

We got the motrin in before his morning nap and by the time he woke up he seemed more chill. Sure there were more tantrums in the day because how dare I not put TWO ice cubes in his milk (kid has a thing about ice cubes) but the calm down was quicker and there was no hitting today (just one accidental head bonk- my eyebrow bone is always bruised from these).

He was in pain. And now, maybe not so much. And that is a massive relief for both of us.

Other things I love today: popcorn, reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar for the first time to W, new season of Who Do You Think You Are starting tonight

And tomorrow I have to leave the house. Ok, February 5th? I know you have some weather plans brewing but I need chocolate.

love, me

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