February 3rd, you are a hard day to love so this might be brief. Oh what a shitty way to begin this! I should explain- I’m tired. Exhausted, really. And since I am vowing to not complain this month, dear February, I’ll just shrug and say…well…you know.

But I did love my friends today. I love that I have so many different kinds of friends that fill so many different needs and this was a day where I really saw that.

Today I had a friend help me with a HUGE work and internet problem. Another friend sent a great e-mail that totally helped me in that very moment not lose my mind over something W was doing. And right now, at this very moment (that feels all Neverending Story, right?) I am being happily amused up by a friend who needed some hand holding as she moved her blog from point A to point B.

I’d love some great sleep tonight, and I would love to have a day without tantrums tomorrow. I would love to find time to wash my hair.  But I am getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? And maybe being a bit of a downer about today?

I love that this day is almost over.

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