Oh February 2nd! You were a long, long day! I was *this* close to just going to bed without writing this letter to you, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t not thank you for the little gift that you sent me today.

The back corner of the dining room was a gathering spot for unpacked boxes and unorganized stuff and nothing, and I mean NOTHING calls out to a toddler like a lamp on the floor. You see part of my daily battles with W involve his extreme desire to go where the baby-gates tell him he should not. Places that had no interest to him at all suddenly seem magical and amazing once a baby-gate is in front of it.

W and I had had enough of the constant (epic) battle so I decided to give him a box to sit in (oh how he loves a box) and I put on the radio and two hours later the dining room was a dining room. Well it was always a dining room, but now it was no longer a storage area for everything else. We carted holiday things down to the basement, put away items that could be put away, and we broke down boxes and put them in the recycling bin.

The last box that I had to go through was where the treasure was. It was so totally unexpected and wonderful and I almost didn’t see it. The top of the box contained sundresses 3 sizes too small for me and as I sighed at not being able to fit in them now (yet) I was *this* close to pushing the box across the floor towards the basement stairs. Then something delicate and shiny caught my eye. I pulled out the dresses and there, in the bottom of the box, was the most fantastic care package to ME.

Seriously- it was this little collection of great things that I randomly tossed into the bottom of a box well over a year ago and now that I am in a place where I would never even think to buy such luxuries for myself it was an unexpected care-package that I love you for February 2nd.

In one part of Pennsylvania a groundhog saw his shadow and in another part a woman saw a glimpse into her former life.

Thank you. And thank you for making sure I finished unpacking the dining room, because it was about damn time!

love, Me

[in my “care-package”: treasured jewelry, a favorite keyring, fancy face soap, fancy bath stuff, a never used hair brush, hairbands, the flatiron that I looked for ALL OVER, brand new pens, super groovy metallic nail polish that I can not wait to use and a photo of a long lost kitty friend]

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