I am going to share with you my intention for the month of February in the hopes that ya’ll can keep me in track if I start to wobble away from this goal. So here we go: This month I am going to focus on telling what I love. And not just “I love coffee, I love sleep, I love peppermint, peep, peep, peep!” I’m talking about honing in on the small stuff in my day, my jam packed with chaos and crazy day, and noticing as much stuff that I love as possible. I know I haven’t been doing this lately because I feel it. I feel pessimistic and negative and in a funk and overwhelmed.

So to quiet it all I am going to come here and write a love letter to my day. Every day. For the entire month of February.

Dear February 1,

I woke up to the sound of W singing to his twin rabbits, Alice and Alice. The singing then turned into the unmistakable sound of a long E which is what our family exclaims when we give bear hugs. “EEEEEE!” And I imagined my son content in his room and felt amazed that he was able to express love.

I loved cold water today. I loved the hokey pokey song. I loved making dinner in the kitchen and having W next to me dumping every single utensil we own into one big pot and demanding onions.

I love that instead of working on a project that is stressing me out I decided to work on a couple that are making me feel creative- which means that I can have the tv on and watch Parenthood while I work.

love, me

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