W and I went to the library on Monday to get a library card. And as I was filling out the forms and answering the inevitable questions about the origin of my name W heard the unmistakable sound of children. Now when W hears any sound (ANY SOUND) he mimics it. It is very hard to not find this amusing. My inner theatre dork is actually a bit proud of how well he is able to repeat the sounds he hears.

He repeats a siren, a cough, a ding of a bell. And if he hears a child he imitates the sound that child is making. The biggest difference with the sound of children, and it is amazing that he does this (oh here I go dipping my toe into the “my child is BRILLIANT” pond) he mimics the sound like a call and response. A child off in the distance makes a noise and W calls back with a noise as if to say, “Yes! Child! I am one of you!”

So as I have him hoisted on my hip, still clad in full winter wear, he hears children and starts chanting back to them and bucking to get down. The chanting is going over very well with the librarian and I smile and will her to enter our information into the system a bit faster. I figure a birthday party is going on in some private library room and try to keep squirming W contained to my side.

We finally get our card (WOO!!) and I take W to the children’s section of the library. He audibly gasps at the twinkle lights on the ceiling and the vibrant mural on the wall. I have told him that this is the place where books live and that we are going to visit them but I do not think he was prepared to see so many. He’s been in a book store before- but this felt different to him and special.

Just as we are making our way to look at some board books a door opens and the sounds of children spill out immediately grabbing W’s attention. I look up and see a woman holding a baby and she smiles at me. Then another woman walks out and smiles and says, “come on in!”

I shit you not it was as if I was suddenly in a chapter of a Jennifer Weiner novel. W and I happened to stumble into the very beginning of a weekly Mom’s group. And to make it even more novel the woman in charge was someone I follow on twitter and we had missed meeting each other at an event a week prior.

The other Moms were so chill and mellow and it was maybe thirty minutes into the activities that I looked down at myself and realized that I totally looked like crap and not at all like I was planning on meeting new people. I caught the eye of a Mom on the carpet square next to mine and said something about how schlubby I looked and how I was glad I had at least put on deodorant. She laughed and said that she forgot to put hers on and kept nearly passing out every time she raised her arms.

W was super shy at first- which was a surprise to me. But ten minutes into the activities (which was focused around physical fitness) he suddenly perked up and was dancing and wiggling with the rest of the kids. It was so cool to be out of the house and doing something with him and other kids and Moms. AND IT WAS FREE!

The Moms in the group also are all on this big e-mail group and they send out playgroup e-mails a couple times a week. Whoever feels like having people over, whoever feels like going…it is so casual and mellow and no pressure. I nearly wept with happy when I got my first playgroup e-mail this week.

W and I went back to the library Tuesday and missed story-time by *this* much but we still spent an hour there reading and playing in the play kitchen. There was a Mom from the Monday group there and we gabbed while her son and W zoomed around the rows of books.

Yesterday we were going to meet friends for a museum play date but the weather thwarted all plans. And oh boy did that make for a cranky day for both of us. Getting out of the house just has to happen. I have to make it happen (weather permitting) and I am so excited that we found a cool group so fast.

And now you guys get a bonus SNOW DAY photo because I’ve got one and it’s pretty. So there.

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