I write with all the wisdom of two consecutive days of leaving the house – it makes this stay at home stuff SO MUCH BETTER. Which I guess really makes it not so stay at home. Which was kind of the base of oh so many problems. Being at home all day, every day, with not much outside stimulus and obviously W and I were getting sick of each other.

Leaving the house with a 21 month old is a pretty good workout. There is the chasing, the tackling, the wrestling, the chasing again, the running wild looking for a shoe, a hat, something that doesn’t have jam on the ass…Then add in the diaper math (calculating just when to put on the fresh dipe before going out) and my own restroom needs AND Charlie dog would please like to be taken out one more time if we are leaving the house, thank you very much. So then there is the chasing around the house of both dog AND boy because, glee! glee! something is happening! THE FRONT DOOR IS TOTALLY GOING TO BE OPENED TODAY!

Oh and did we pack snacks? Dipes/wipes? Spare pants, shirt, socks? Is there something to wipe his nose? A backup hat when he flings the other hat in a puddle?

And what is that SMELL? Right. Time to change the diaper again. And the dog has now lapped up his entire water bowl and would like to go out once again. What’s that? You want a snack? NOW? But we are walking out the door, sweetie. Mama has on gloves. No snack.


Snack is given as clothes are reassembled and noses are wiped and Mama puts on the gloves and here we go. We’re going to sing that Cat in the Hat song so that means business…

Obviously there is the strapping into the car-seat battle because the toy that he wants is on the other side of the car and my strapping him in is preventing him from retrieving it. And then how dare I shut the door! Hat is ripped off in protest, boots are kicked.

But then….what’s that? In between sobs, did you hear that? Music! And now Mama is singing, “That’s the way uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it, I like it!” And suddenly it dawns on him that we are in the car going somewhere and having a dance party and WOOOOOO!!!!

Yesterday we went to the local library to get library cards and you would not believe what we stumbled into. But I’ll have to tell you about that tomorrow because it’s good!

And this is the last week to enter the giveaway, by the way. Have you entered??

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