1. The Eastern PA / NJ meetup: This event now has a date- February 20th. If you would like an evite with all the information about the get together please let me know and I will make sure that happens. Heads up – kids will be in attendance.

2. W is going to have a bed! Well a crib. But something VERY MUCH better than the 21 month old pack n play that has been his sleeping chamber for far too long. An amazing friend is passing down a crib and I am picking it up this weekend. Bonus? It can convert to a toddler bed. But I am hoping that W has at least another year of crib sleeping in him. Let’s just hope he can’t shimmy the crib across the floor like the pack n play. If he can I’ll need some of you DIY gals to walk me through cementing down the legs!

3. We are making some progress on the vegetable journey. I swear I am not overly concerned – I really wanted to make sure that I was just on the right track with how to introduce the veggies to him. It was interesting to me how strongly some of you felt about “hiding” vegetables. Honestly, some days it just feels sooooooo wrong that all W has consumed (will consume) is a graham cracker and a sippy of milk.

Some of the food stuff starts to blur into my food stuff- and the beautiful thing about toddlers is that they don’t emotionally over eat. So a lot of my food writing with W is a working it out arena to make sure that I am approaching things as healthily as I possibly can.

I also don’t want W to be like one of those kids on that save the school lunch show a few months ago- Remember that class of first graders that couldn’t name a single vegetable? This, of course, will not happen for many, many reasons. (a really awesome one being that one of W’s Godmother’s is incredibly invested in co-ops and and I can not wait until I can take W to her space!)

So- food! Diced up broccoli in noodles, corn, carrot love affair is back, sweet potatoes three times a week and all the wholesome goodness that makes veggie booty.

4. I couldn’t stop myself…I added The Backup Plan to my netflix queue. I know. ugh. But I have a few more movies ahead of it. Maybe by the time I can psych myself up to watch it that awful looking Jennifer Anniston movie will be out on DVD and I can have a good laugh at the accurate portrayal of single women and donor sperm in movies. haaaaaaaaaaa!

5. I do not like being a stay at home Mom. And you know what, it feels like I am admitting failure to say that. But I never wanted to be a full time stay at home Mom to a toddler. I am certain that sounds totally obnoxious- but oh my good night- it is HARD. I am going to tell you the truth right now, the cross my heart truth. An average day of taking care of Millie was a lot easier than an average day of taking care of W currently is.

There was a lot of physical work involved in taking care of Grandmother, a lot of lifting and struggling to dress, and arguing over putting a shirt over a head. That is the SAME. There is so, so much that is the same – which is the big irony of the circle of life. But I never had to chase Millie up and down a flight of stairs 40 times a day or out of the kitchen or away from the dog. There were other battles unique to Alzheimer’s, but with some distance it seems like it wasn’t as exhausting. What is truly the hardest thing for me is keeping up with the speed of this boys mind. Which- OH MY GOODNESS- how wonderful a problem is that???

Finding activities that will keep him engrossed, entertained, involved, curious…I always seem to run out of steam by noon. I know that a lot of my overwhelmedness right now is totally connected to my being sick, or being snowed in, or not having a working car for a few days, or this era of his hitting and flailing and complete frustration. Oh the excuses!! I’m awful. I know what I’ve got to do- find playgroups, free classes, structure the day better, join the fucking library. And I will. But something tells me that there are still just some people that are better at being at home with kids all day.

[oh and OBVIOUSLY insert the stupid guilt I feel about even sharing the above because didn’t I want to be a parent more than anything in the whole entire Universe???!!!!]

6. Blah PMS

7. I am also getting baby gate stuffs this weekend and I am hoping this will cut down on a lot of battles that happen daily. The dining room is only interesting because I keep chasing him out of it.

And there we go.

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