The only green thing my son regularly agrees to eat is Veggie Booty.


Seriously- I love 99.9% of all vegetables and have since forever. True story- when I was a wee girl two of my favorite foods were “salad” and green beans. I could open up a can of green beans right now, warm it for a few minutes, and happily eat all of them. Oh who am I kidding- I would eat them directly out of the can. I also adore snow peas and asparagus and all kinds of peppers and mushrooms and olives – OH my love for black and green olives is big.

But I can not convey this love to W at all without him flinging the plate away and demanding, “graham crackaaaaaaa!!” He will munch on a carrot, but not like he used to. He thankfully still loves a sweet potato and I make two for him every week. But all of the other intro to veggie foods: avocados, peas, what have you – you can keep them.

I am sad to be researching those recipes that hide vegetables inside foods, but it is beginning to be alarming how full of carbs this child is. I think vegetables are wonderful and how will W ever find that out if I am mushing them up and hiding them inside muffins? Sadly- at this point it is nutrition that is winning out and his diet is not balanced at all and I wear the Mommy pants so it is my job to sort this out.

Which is why I now turn to you and ask- do you have a favorite “hide the veggie” recipe for me to try?

(things to note: he has oddly shunned the color green and he won’t do pasta sauce…weirdo!)

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