I am now in the early process of what I set out to do in January – find a part time job. Figuring out what I wanted to do was actually easy and I am looking forward to finding a place that will be a good fit. The part that I didn’t expect to derail me was the resume building aspect.

I want to be an elder companion. My favorite moments with Grandmother were the most social and being as outgoing as I am I think this is where I have something to offer. I think I could be respite for a full-time caregiver or provide company for someone that is home-bound. There are many agencies and organizations in the area and part of my to-do list is researching them.

There is an elder care agency not too far from our new place and when W finally went down for a nap this morning I called to introduce myself and find out what positions where available. This is where my naivete shines. Little Miss Sunshine here totally thought she would call up this place and have the following conversation:

Me: HI!! I just moved here! I want to work for you on the weekends!

Them: AWESOME! You are hired.

It didn’t turn out that way. First of all this group is only looking for registered nurses at the moment. BUT the woman on the phone (who was totally fine, just not as thrilled to hear from me as I was daydreaming she would be) said I should fax my resume and references and that when they have a need for companions someone would call me in for an interview.

Yadda, yadda…resume and references?!!!!

You would think after the eon epic job search that I witnessed Mother go through that I would not have been so clueless about realizing that I need to have my own resume and list of references. But something about this fact caught me off guard. And then I was gone. Lost in an afternoon of sad and tears. What had me stuck was figuring out who my references would be. It wasn’t as if I could have someone call Millie and ask her about the quality of care and love she received from me.

I asked friends what I should do- because I was aware enough to realize that I needed some input from people outside of my own brain. Almost instantly the suggestions came in and oh what a relief! And they seemed so obvious, but I was stuck in an emotional moment and frozen to think beyond it.

There is now a nice references page shaping up with a Hospice nurse, a primary care physician, several family members, and two women that were good friends of my Grandmother. I’m waiting to hear back from Grandmother’s hair dresser. Now there is just the little task of writing a resume…oh my.

The funny thing is that when W woke up from his nap he went on this sort of mini tornado storm around the house in search of trouble and mischief. When things got quiet I got nervous and I found him sitting under the dining room table having a conversation with Millie’s old sunglasses. He then got out from under the table, grabbed an Easter basket he had found (um, no, haven’t totally unpacked yet) and marched around the house singing about apples.

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