It has been a really awful couple of days around here. W got sick. Which, oh my goodness, awful. This was our first barf type sickness since he had reflux as an infant. Very much awful and traumatic. And repetitive. And then 8 hours later Mother got The Sick. And then about 6 hours inter her Sick my Sick found me. Of course W (thankfully) recovered first and was SUPER ENERGY toddler. The kind of boy that had zero interest in napping and 100% interest in climbing all over you. Which…I am sure you can imagine is not so pleasant. This was a weekend where a 1/2 bath would have been the hero. Mother and I are still shells and dragging.

Hope everyone else had an infinitely better New Years. We just got the yuk over with so it can only go up from here!

Pictured is the stunning icicle that we grew during the recent snow storm.

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