And another post where I present my conundrum to the internet at large and hope that someone out there has an idea for us. This time my questions involve sleep- not the getting of it but the WHERE of it.

Here is the timeline of W’s evening sleeping whereabouts:

Birth – 6.2 months co-slept in a co-sleeper
6.3 – 7 months slept in a crib
7 – 20.3 months (aka present day) pack n play

Now this pack n play has been JUST FINE for us. And just fine for him. Until now. Now there are two big issues happening that is making me realize that this boy needs a new place to sleep.

Issue 1: Size of W. Length wise is what it is- he mostly is curled up on his side. But when W wakes he likes to pull up the tri-fold mat and rearrange things. And pretty soon he is going to pop out of the fabric that is under there.

Issue 2: Also another W waking issue. If I don’t book it up to his room PRONTO as soon as he wakes up W has figured out how to sled the pack n play around his room. He holds on to the sides and uses his body and gravity and I don’t know what and lunges and the entire thing glides around. We have put some no skid things on the bottom of the pack n play but it takes 2 naps for him to rock out of them. Oh we have such a clever boy!

[It seriously is fascinating to observe how his mind works.]

Now comes the obvious: W needs a new bed situation. I want this for him and he needs it. We HAVE the crib that we bought for him oh so long ago. But of course in multiple moves almost all of the hardware has gone missing (aka is in some box still in storage) and key pieces are missing (like the spring thing that you actually put the mattress on.

Part of me wonders if he is ready for a toddler bed- but the way this boy thumbs his nose at a nap I worry that a toddler bed won’t give me the four-wall “you must nap” vibe that he at least has with the pack n play now.

A new crib is out of the question. I am checking out Craig’s list for super cheap cribs.

But here is my question (oh my goodness- I bet you thought I would never land on the point, right?!) is there an in between bed option that I am not aware of? The too big for a crib/ pack n play but not yet ready for prime time toddler bed?

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