There aren’t any great songs about turning 60. Why is that? 60 is AWESOME. 60 is kick ASS. Today my Mother is 60.  And yes I totally asked her if I could tell you the number. Like a true old lady (heh) she rattled off a list of her friends that were OLDER and we both agreed that turning 60 was way better than, well not.

Being a week + into employment also makes this birthday tons more wonderful. It would have been positively dreadful to meet the big six-oh and still be sending out resumes. And yet there are people doing this in America right now. And I feel chagrined for having my heel kick moment…but oh how we embrace every inch of this job and what it means. I know ya’ll know that.

It does suck that I am giving Mother an IOU for her birthday right now. I found the perfect gift but until some projects I am working on wrap up purchasing is on pause. Since she reads my blog (hi Mom!!) I’ll just share with her right now what I am going to save up to get her- gloves that she can use with her phone! Now that she has mastered public transportation she is loading up some songs to listen to on her phone, but you can’t control the phone when you have gloves on. So I did some research and found out that isotoner actually makes gloves for smart phones! BRILLIANT!! So try to act surprised in a few weeks, ok?

It has been harder than I expected to adjust to being on my own with W. This is, for all practical purposes, my first time parenting solo without the net of an extra pair of hands in the same house. Learning how to do this while W is in full on emotional toddler days is overwhelming and I won’t lie- I have cried from exhaustion and frustration daily. My e-mails to friends are usually one line and end with OH MY GAWD WHY WON’T HE NAP?????

Because W decided to leave his naps in Maryland.

And I am not trying to whine (too much) here- but mostly I need to put it out there that I while it sucked ass that Mother was home looking for work it was great for me in terms of parenting. I am only just now realizing how much help she was- even if it was another person to have an actual conversation with beyond, “stop touching that!!!”

When my Mother was 32 she went to law school and she started us on a new path. Today she turns 60 and she has just started down another new path. The woman is the epitome of inspirational. She is Wonder Woman! Thank you for all that you have done for our family and for all the ways you inspire me to push forward. You are not yet a Beatles song- but you are a mashup of Carol King, Phoebe Snow, Carly Simon and Bonnie Raitt. (and only one of those ladies is under 60!)

So of course now I am dying to know who your Mother is a mashup of. If you were to take a handful of celebrities and smoosh them together to describe your Mom who would those celebrities be?

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