We have a rocking chair that makes appropriate creaky stretches with each arc of a rock. The chair was in storage but it is now sitting right next to me. The “new” house is full of fantastic nearly 100 year old creaks. Every step in the house is a sound and after a day or so of realizing that, we have been lulled by the musicality of the place.

Of course every new book in a continuing series has to have a complicated beginning. And the house has certainly had its complicated moments. It’s as if it was holding its breath until someone moved in before slowly raising her hand with an, “excuse me, now that you are here could you get someone to tend to _____?” It’s an old house, rented in a pretty much “as is” condition, so we expected some issues. But we didn’t expect all issues to happen on the same day. Which, now that I think of it, of COURSE everything had to happen on the same day.

Windows not closing, washer/dryer never working to begin with, and then the moment when W spit out his milk and I could smell the sour in the air which made me realize that the fridge was on the fritz. Thankfully, as of yesterday afternoon, all issues have been addressed and tended to.

And after a 24 hour milk boycott W is now back to chugging from his sippy like a champ and I can stop having silly frets about stunted growth and brittle bones and imagining conversations that he would have had in his 20’s when explaining to someone why he doesn’t drink milk, “It’s because my Mother kept trying to make me drink spoiled milk when I was a toddler…”

I guess it’s also comical that on the day that everything in the house went kerplunk I also got a parking ticket on the car. Which was parked in front of the house. Where I have been parking it. And where I have totally not been seeing the “no parking between 2am-6am” signs. So W and I got to meet the police department of our little town outside of Philly and we learned about parking passes and stickers and because I went ahead and got the crazy cheap yearly parking sticker they ripped up my parking ticket. We then went upstairs in the same building and met the people that manage recycling in the town and we requested our curbside bins. (we get TWO!!)

It was all just sort of jam packed and surreal to have so much going on in such a short period of time. It was like being shoved back into the real world at warp speed and while it was jolting I won’t deny that part of this is incredibly exhilarating.

Of course I am dreading the item that is at the top of my to-do list for next week and I am debating on whether or not I should wait until January to start the process as I worry about getting lost in holiday chaos. But I need to transfer W’s health care. I doubt that I will be covered in this state, but getting him covered is my top priority.

I honestly hope to not even need for either one of us to need state assistance in the near future because in January I am going to sign up with an elder care agency and try to get some weekend shifts. So hopefully this will just be a temporary thing for him.

It’s all a process of climbing, isn’t it? Getting that first rung on the ladder and then pulling yourself up and out. And then getting yourself in a position where you can reach back and help pull someone else forward.

Mother braved public transit going to and fro work yesterday. You know we are total dorks when we get excited about things like public transit! W and I drove her to the station and watched the train go bye bye and then we met her at the station last night and as she got into the car I yelped, “YOU DID IT!!!” One full week back in the work force!

happy dance!

The change in Mother has been swift. She is so smart, so brilliant, has had SO much to offer and to finally be back in the land of the employed has put roses in her cheeks and made her 3 inches taller. She wears employment well and I am so so proud of her.

(The photos are W helping unpack and decorate.)

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