If you follow me on twitter then you probably rolled your eyes over my tweets more than once yesterday. They went a little something like this:

My Mother starts a NEW JOB today!!

I’m getting ready to drive my Mother to her NEW JOB right now!

I just dropped my Mother off at her office!!!!!!!!

My Mother is AT WORK!

I’m leaving to go pick up my Mother FROM WORK.

I just picked up my Mother, from her office, where she has a job and DOES WORK!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a pinch me day. And today is still a pinch me day. And tomorrow? Well you can bet your ass I will still be grinning from ear to ear.

The thing is- I don’t even have to explain all of this to you guys because you’ve been on this journey with us. You’ve cheered us on in so many ways. It’s exciting!!!!!!

I’ve been taking Mom to work and picking her up just so she doesn’t have to worry about figuring out public transit on top of new job anxieties- which has been good as I have needed to be at the house to meet various utility company people. Next I will get W and I packed up and moved up here- which hopefully won’t be too big a deal. And then I think we will say a very, very sad goodbye to DC.

I honestly can’t even write about saying goodbye to the people I love in DC right now because I will explode from sadness. Some of the best people on the planet are there and that our paths got to cross was a gift. Stopping at that because…fuck. Tears.

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