Obviously it has been a very jam packed couple of days here. On top of getting Mom ready to head up North there was a huge, massive work project that was coming to it’s close. So all of the client meetings and midnight hour e-mails and last minute touches involved with that were happening (as well as anxiety and stress) this week. And of course W was having a super emo toddler week with major fling and super drool and then the snotfest that only really kicks in when something SERIOUS is happening in the mouth. And wouldn’t you know I can now see the whites of the 2 year molars pushing through upstairs.

I hate to rush things. I don’t do well when there is a ticking clock when it comes to life. (oddly when it comes to work I seem to get more creative with a clock situation) But deadlines with life stuff make me go all limp noodle and have my own emo moments with amazon flails.

So it should come as no surprise that booking the small rental truck immediately after the SUPER important client meeting so that we could grab some stuff from our rental unit here for Mom then becomes OHMYGAWD when I realize that we have to get it loaded and us on the road to be IN Philly by 3:30pm Friday (today). [lease signing/getting of house key]

Let’s not even begin to discuss the specific kind of awful that is involved in unraveling a storage unit to get to crucial bits of furniture when you are two people and an emo toddler. And it is getting dark. And cold. I’m not reliving it for you but if you have done something like that I apologize for the shiver of remembrance that just went up your spine.

It was especially horrible to discover that a good number of boxes had crushed and fallen on top of themselves so when we opened the door to the unit we had quite the awesome surprise.

It’s really hard to see your life like that. I think I was in denial that I had a life in boxes packed away. And the upturned boxes with items that belonged to my Grandmother…oh my heart.

But here we go, everyone! Phase I of the new life of our family. And first steps are hard, but exciting and exhausting. And on Monday? MOTHER STARTS HER NEW JOB! Can you stand it??

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