Well good morning December and how are you this cool, grey and rainy morning? I imagine you are trying to ease into my year but I’m not really the easing type. And you know what goes really well with grey? Red and white. As in peppermint.


What was I saying?

Oh! I was just about to tell you about our new home. YES!!

We looked at many, many neighborhoods and properties and at the end of the day we realized what we needed was not some anonymous person from an online ad. Instead we needed a person that we could connect with that would help us figure out how to move into a place within our modest limits. Turns out the realtor that we had met with when we first started looking was this person.

We met her through a friend and she was so kind and helpful, realistic and honest. And when she called to tell us that there was a way to get a rental property in the neighborhood that we had really fallen for we listened.

The Car Of The Future?Wouldn’t you know- it was apartment B! Some things that were on my original con list, upon a 2nd evaluation, ended up evaporating. The scary basement stairs weren’t bad at all- just probably a first reaction that I ALWAYS have to going down stairs. The having to drive Mom to the train station would stay the same. BUT- she can actually walk very easily to the bus or to the trolley- both transportation options that we didn’t even know about/ consider. The kitchen isn’t an eat in kitchen- and I think I am noticing that in terms of size. There is a nice sized dining room and that will work out great for us.

Honestly every place we looked at ended up getting compared, in our mind, to apartment B. So when the realtor called and said the owner of the house and the property manager were willing to work with us we knew we needed to seize the day.

This is going to be a crazy next couple of days as I am going to get Mother up and “settled” this weekend so she can start her NEW JOB ON MONDAY (oh my God can I ever type that without crying? No.) and then we will make a couple back and forth trips to get us as moved in as we can.

Oh December! You are such a beautiful prologue to 2011 – which is a year that we have such high hopes for.


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