It is oh so funny to be a fly on the wall watching me search apartments for a place for us in the Northeast. But I promise I won’t drag you into the expected anxiety over that- because I know that is so not enjoyable to read about. Instead I will tell you that we are heading up to Philadelphia tomorrow to check out neighborhoods and possibly look at some properties. And oh how I wish I could share some of the details of the listings with you because they are fantastic. And by fantastic I mean more often than not the google image that I pull up to look at the address on the listing shows either a place covered in graffiti and plywood or is obviously the very recent after photo from a sadly tragic fire.

So when the listings read: TOTAL REHAB APARTMENT you have to hope that they really mean it.

It’s also interesting how one street in a neighborhood can be groovy and hip and neat sounding and the very next block inspires e-mails from my friends in the city along the lines of, “you will die if you live there.” I mean I lived in New York, Brooklyn and Los Angeles and I get that you can cross an invisible line and be in no man’s land. But the parameters for these areas were almost a constant. Like when I lived in New York it was, “don’t go past Avenue C!!!” (funny because that is obviously not the case now)

But Philadelphia has all of these secret pockets of OHMYGAWD RUNAWAY!! I am considering getting a big map and a highlighter so we can keep better track because being able to remember that just beyond the 2nd crack in the sidewalk next to the 3rd street light is avoidance junction is hard work.

Also? If you knew the name of the street of one of the places we are looking at tomorrow you would laugh and I promise to tell you if it ends up not being our Barbie dream home.

If you were on a super tight budget what would be your most important factors in an apartment/ home search?

UPDATE: We had to move our Philly field trip to Saturday because of something we needed to tend to here. But it will probably allow us to look at more places/areas. So fat silver lining on that one.

In the meantime let’s have a blog poll! It’s been a while since we’ve had one and the last one I had was so cryptic (& you guys sort of let me down on predicting the future).


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