Oh my! All of a sudden there are SO MANY THINGS TO DO! 99% of the things fall into the category of “problems we have been looking forward to having”. But they are problems to solve nonetheless. Which means stress. But knowing that the rope has been tossed to us in the quicksand is huge- we just have a bit of pushing and pulling to do before we are all the way out.

First- more details! Because I have dying to tell you guys details for ages, but so much has been unbloggable until now. This might all pour out in short spurts so you will have to overlook my chaotic brain. It is the brain of someone going, ‘Wheeee!” and then running around adding item number 362 to the to-do list.

[side note: I feel very girlie today. Have my hair down and there is NO ONE to see except the dog.]

The job is a medium level administration job within the field that my Mom is very qualified in. It is not an attorney job. But she will be bringing a lot to the table and all of her background was seen as a huge plus. The place of employment is really cool (obviously! They hired my Mother!) and while the pay is less than half what she made at her previous job the benefits are outstanding. Plus? The job pays 100% more than she is making now- so we are thrilled. I hesitated to bring up the salary, but I didn’t want ya’ll to think we were all moving on up to the east side to a deluxe apartment in the sky.

After the New Year I am planning on researching childcare options for W, who I think will be excited to discover this thing called daycare, and then obtaining part time work. My hope is that I can work enough hours to qualify both of us for health care and afford to go off food stamps. And then we can start trying to help pay back the system that helped us.

The job is in the city of brotherly love: Philadelphia! Home of cream cheese and two of W’s three Godparents. (& obviously 2 out of the 3 are thrilled about this move) It is a bit of a homecoming for us in a roundabout way as my Grandfather was born in Philadelphia and W was created just outside of it. We even have family not too far away. And don’t even get me started on how excited I am about Muppet proximity…

Mother’s start date is December 6th which is basically OHMYGAWDSOSOSOSOSOOOON. I am all up in Craig’s list looking for cheap places to live and laughing at how unreal this all is. (The photo above is of W helping me look on his computer.) My biggest hurdle is going to be coming up with basically 3 months rent all at once. But I am in worker bee mode and we will make this work.

Because you guys!! My Mother has a job!! It’s all going to be ok!

I do have remind myself that things won’t be overnight awesome. But we turned the corner. And now all things are possible again.

Now tell me things about Philly! And who are the Philly bloggers out there that are going to be my friends??

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