This is the post that I wrote on tuesday morning that was scheduled to go up today on wednesday:

Here I was thinking that another week would go by without any sort of update on the Northeast job. But I actually have a bit of stuff to unload, unleash, share with you. I didn’t think that there could be another sharp turn on the roller coaster, but we had one. As some of you correctly predicted might happen in one of my previous updates, this week we learned that Mother is most likely not the only contender for the job.

Mother received an e-mail from the woman that she interviewed with letting her know that “all finalists needed to fill out some more information online for HR”. It was instantly deflating. It took a long time for us to turn the mood on the news around from, “it’s not a done deal” to”but she IS A FINALIST“. But between us, it so felt like it was going to be a done deal, that she was the sure thing, that new life was right around the corner.

And it still can be. But for effs sake! More waiting! More wishing on stars and crossing fingers and wondering if my recent posts on faith and religion are the things fucking everything up…(I don’t really think that, but it is awfully weird to have complicated religious feelings and yet still find myself throwing my head back and pleading with the heavens for THIS to happen.)

Mom filled out the stuff online for HR and then she wrote to the woman she interviewed with and basically, without sounding super desperate (I promise. It was good.) she put it out there as plainly and honestly as a person could: she wants the job, she would love the job, she would be good at the job. The woman wrote her back first thing this morning with the reply, “Excellent. I will be back in touch shortly.”

Does anyone have a magic 8 ball out there or a psychic friend connection? This is hard.

THEN Tuesday afternoon happened and I learned a lesson about scheduling posts…

Sometimes you have to edit them to add in details about events that happen. Which is what I needed to do. Add in a detail. About an event. That happened tuesday afternoon.


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