It suddenly dawned on me this week that it was time to get W’s winter wear situation under control. He has been growing and growing (crazy how that happens!) and now solidly fits in all 2T clothes and some 3T clothes for length. I decided that his winter stuff should be all 3T because too big stuff can get rolled up or layered under.

Then I went about researching winter clothes and oh my goodness there is so much CUTE stuff out there. Like clap your hands because your happy kind of cute. But the super cute stuff? Also super expensive. And with W growing out of footie pajamas at the speed of light there was no way I could imagine saving up for a $100+ pea coat just to have him bust out of it in February.

I took to twitter, because that is what I seem to do these days when I need a variety of information, and everyone suggested I start my search at Old Navy. There is some kind of sale happening and I do like a sale, but just looking online was sort of meh for me.

The truth was- what I really needed to harness was the awesome of thrift.

Now I have friends that are fantastic thrift store shoppers. I’m serious- it is like an art form with them. And I also have friends that are able to find great deals on sites like eBay. My best thrift days were in high school where I lived to find a vintage a-line dress or yes, something funky in plaid.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to load up the family and take us to a nearby thrift store. It is part of a chain of thrift stores and huge. Very, very huge. Mother pushed W around in a buggy looking at Christmas trees and then toys and I dove into the young boys section.

I didn’t have the special discount card that allowed you to get the extra savings taken off on Thursdays, but the cashier all but refused to ring me up until we found someone that would let us borrow their card. The first person we asked was more than happy to help us out. We thanked her repeatedly and W gave her a particularly adorable “BYE BYEEEEEEEE” as we left.

I’ve labeled our finds in the photo at the top of this post, but here is the break-down:

1. two toys
2. raincoat (reversible)
3. winter coat
4. bomber jacket
5. fleece
6. sweater
7. “ugg” boots
8 scarf
9. snow bib

The price for all of this? Just over $20!

Of course W is most excited about the toys and the bomber jacket. He is massively into airplanes right now and finding that big toy airplane was a super find. We have yet to put batteries in it so who knows what it can really do. Once I get things cleaned up I’ll go find some secret hideout to check out the annoying factor with batteries and if it isn’t too bad then W can have it fully loaded. Otherwise….heh

I still need to get him some weather boots but all the ones they had were too small or way too big. So I guess I will go back next week and keep looking. It’s a bit of a thrill- the chase!

So what is the best thrift purchase you have made lately?

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