Another week and STILL no news. Which is starting to feel like no news is The News, know what I mean? One of my best friends suggested that Mom send an e-mail checking in and inquiring if more information would be helpful. I thought this was a great idea because maybe it would at least generate a response giving us an indication of where Mother was  – you know if there was a list of candidates still fighting it out or something.

I nudged her to send the e-mail on Monday and she did and by Tuesday she was annoyed at me for prodding her to do such a thing and now here we are on Wednesday and I am filled with this crazy sideways guilt. Like I ruined things. Because of course it’s all about me and my super powers. Blah

It would be oh so fantastic to just KNOW if an offer is going to happen or if all of this crazy angst is just all for nothing. Holding our breath and turning blue.

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