I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to forget to announce a photo Friday theme this week. Hopefully this theme on the fly will prove to be appropriate and fun. Halloween costumes.

Two years ago W dressed up as a boy, last year W dressed up just for the photo opportunity and this year I am just dressing him up today to take him to the post office and grocery store. (he will be wearing new skeleton pj’s that a friend sent him) The house where we are staying is very much off the beaten path so trick or treating won’t be happening for us. Which is just fine for me because what the heck does an 18 month old need with Halloween candy? (and goodness knows my thighs don’t need bite size anything)

But enough about our Halloween plans, or lack thereof, I want to hear what you guys are doing AND see costumes past and present. So link up to a photo of yourself or someone else (with permission) in costume.

I don’t really need to play the help me pass the time waiting for the phone to ring card, do I??


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